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The VRHero Plus Is A 5K Resolution Headset With ‘High-Density OLED Displays’

December 5, 2017

Via: UploadVR

We’ve all heard about HD, right? 1080p is the new standard for most forms of media. And we all know that the age of 4k is more or less upon us with massive 4K televisions, the PlayStation Pro, and Xbox One X. But forget about all that: what about 5K? That’s the real future, right? A team of passionate VR creators at VRgineers seems to think so.

Earlier this year we went hands-on with their impressive (but ridiculous looking) standard VRHero 5K headset. For the right type of content (360 videos that don’t require a lot of movement, marketing demos, and simulation-style experiences) the benefits were crystal clear. Content that requires lots of fast movement, blurriness, and potential image tearing not so much.

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