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Rift/Vive Gap Narrows In Latest Steam Hardware Survey Results

June 4, 2018

Via: UploadVR

Last month saw the Oculus Rift pull even further ahead of the HTC Vive in Valve’s Steam Hardware Survey results, but the gap has narrowed again in May.

This month’s results show less than 1% difference in headset usage between Rift and Vive, with the former holding 46.1% of the overall VR usage and the latter coming in closely behind at 45.31%. That’s pretty much neck-and-neck, whereas last month saw Rift at 48.92% and Vive at 44.06%. Is it possible that, with a few months on the market now, the new Vive Pro has helped HTC regain some of the ground it’s lost? The 3K resolution and improved design certainly make it an attractive headset, though the $799 entry price is very steep.

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