image: hobbyconsolas

‘CoolPaintrVR’ is Like ‘Tilt Brush’ for PSVR, Expected Holiday Season

The PlayStation VR platform is understandably heavy on games, but PSVR owners will soon be getting a paint program that’s very similar to Google’s Tilt Brush (2016), the art program that supports Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Created by Spain-based studio WildBit Studios, CoolPaintrVR features a number of paintbrushes and tools including the ability to mirror your work and even use a reference image while in VR.

Just like Tilt Brush, CoolPaintrVR lets you choose any color to create with, although it’s missing some of Tilt Brush’s cooler tools like real-time effects, and it also doesn’t appear to have the ability to infinitely zoom your creations, a tool which allows Rift and Vive owners to create extremely detailed works.

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