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Virtualization and Beyond: A Tale of Two VMworlds

October 5, 2017

Via: VMBlog

Each season has its signaling change that becomes more habitual and ritualistic than anything else, whether it’s a family vacation or the notoriously procrastinated spring cleaning. In my case, the seasons in Texas are more of a state of mind, […]

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Heeding the call: Old-line carriers expand virtualization techniques

September 7, 2017

Via: TechGenix

Telecommunication networks are expanding their virtualization techniques to become more like datacenters in an effort to build more cost-effective, software-based networks. While this industry is typically conservative, they are taking a big step forward with this recent change. One of […]

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The data center of tomorrow: More power, fewer humans

August 23, 2017


Moore’s Law has become the golden rule by which processing has increased and, in fact, modern statistics suggest this rise sees more of an 18-month cycle. Today, there is more processing power in a single handheld device than that which […]

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How to find VR apps

August 11, 2017

Via: HypergridBusiness

It can be hard to keep up with all the new virtual reality apps coming out. But, if you’re just starting out, it can be equally hard to find good ones to start with. Here are my favorite resources. Best […]

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Liquidware ProfileUnity and FlexApp v6.7 Delivers Improved Desktop Readiness

August 8, 2017

Via: VMBlog

Liquidware today announced the availability of ProfileUnity and FlexApp v6.7, its industry leading User Environment Management (UEM) and Application Layering software for Windows desktops and virtual workspaces. Significant features have been added to both ProfileUnity’s core UEM functionality as well as […]

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Europe’s VR Sector Has Grown To Nearly 487 Companies

August 7, 2017

Via: UploadVR

Europe’s virtual reality economy continues to expand at a remarkable pace despite some overall skepticism about the technology, according to the second European Virtual Reality landscape released by The Venture Reality Fund and Belgium’s LucidWeb. The report identified 487 virtual […]

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8 key virtual world features moving to VR

August 4, 2017

Via: HypergridBusiness

Eight year ago, when I first launched Hypergrid Business, virtual worlds offered a unique set of compelling features. There was presence, and immersion, and the ability to create your own virtual environments. Plus, they also had other benefits that, combined with […]

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View Your Work-In-Progress With InstaVR’s New Live Previewer Tool

August 3, 2017

Via: UploadVR

There are various platforms that help to foster that creative process in VR. InstaVRis among them, aiming to easily let you get an app onto all of the major VR headsets. The company announced a Live Previewer which is a tool that […]

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New York City Invests in AR/VR Incubator to Bolster City’s Jobs, Tech Talent

July 26, 2017

Via: Road to VR

New York City’s Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development, Alicia Glen, recently announced the selection of NYU Tandon School of Engineering to “develop and operate” the “first government-funded” VR/AR hub for education, training, research, investment and business creation at a 15,000 […]

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Seven Big Questions Facing VR For The Rest Of 2017

July 24, 2017

Via: UploadVR

We’re just over halfway through 2017, and it’s been a rollercoaster for VR. We’ve seen headsets surpass a million in sales while others have had their prices slashed and new peripherals have been released. But while we’re entering an exciting […]