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CoreLogic rides property boom into the cloud, declares death to tape by 2018

March 2, 2017

Via: VMBlog

Commvault, a global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and the cloud, today announced it is supporting Australia’s biggest property data provider to become free from tape backups by 2018 while transforming its customer’s digital business model into the cloud. […]

Vendors & Products

HP Pro X2 Challenges Microsoft Surface Pro

March 1, 2017

Via: Toms IT Pro

HP’s new Pro X2 612 G2 is one tough detachable 2-in-1 laptop. It is tested to withstand drops, dust and shocks, in line with the military STD810G standards. It starts at $979, and hopes to attract those otherwise considering a […]


Field in View: Is An HTC Vive Better Than Your Gym?

February 27, 2017

Via: UploadVR

I used to think VR fitness was a dud. We talk about so many potential applications this technology has, but I just never saw the appeal of putting on a Rift or Vive and going for a workout. Surely getting […]


6 Reasons Why China is Leading VR Growth Worldwide

February 21, 2017

Via: UploadVR

During the Fall, I was invited by Tsinghua, “China’s MIT”, to design a new blend of curriculum for their students. In a country where education is characterized by a predominance of test-taking and rote memorization, my goals were to unleash […]


Field in View: Microsoft And Sony Are Set To Battle For VR Dominance At E3 2017

February 20, 2017

Via: UploadVR

As usual, Microsoft is firing first with its press conference this E3, but it’s doing so even earlier than anticipated. While the company usually rules the headlines on the Monday morning of the biggest week in gaming, this year it’s […]

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Microsoft to release Visual Studio 2017 on March 7

February 10, 2017

Via: ZDNet

Microsoft is planning to release the completed version of Visual Studio 2017 on March 7, officials said today. Microsoft plans to commemorate the launch with a virtual keynote presentation, which will also be Microsoft’s recognition of the 20th anniversary of […]

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Google Brings Stable WebVR Support To Chrome on Daydream

February 10, 2017

Via: UploadVR

Late last month Google opened the doors to its Daydream mobile VR ecosystem up to developers, and now it’s doing the same for the web. The tech giant today is releasing a stable build of WebVR support in the Chrome […]

Vendors & Products

Oculus Re-Focuses Best Buy Rift Demos On Larger Markets

February 9, 2017

Via: UploadVR

Oculus is pulling demo stations for its Rift virtual reality headsets form certain Best Buy stores. While this might be seen by some as confirmation that VR and/or Oculus is struggling, it looks to us like an attempt to maximize success rather […]

Vendors & Products

NASA and Caltech Alums Raise $3 Million to Create The Microsoft Excel of VR

January 31, 2017

Via: UploadVR

Virtual reality can do a lot of things. It can make gaming incredible, communications immersive and education fun. Now, VR is conquering one more territory, big data, thanks to a new startup from a group of founders that include alums from NASA […]

Cloud Computing

Google launches cloud-based key management with new service

January 19, 2017


Google has announced the launch of Cloud Key Management Service (KMS), which enables admins to manage their encryption keys in Google Cloud Platform without maintaining an on-premise management system. The news marks Google’s entry into this particular security arena, following […]