image: istock / jasondoiy

Google Cloud expands infrastructure with five new regions and three subsea cables

January 16, 2018


Google Cloud has announced its latest infrastructure expansion plans, opening five new regions this year and commissioning three subsea cables in 2019.

The first quarter of this year will see data centre facilities opened in the Netherlands and Montreal, with Los Angeles, Finland, and Hong Kong to follow, while the cables will cover four continents respectively.

The first cable, Curie, will make Google the first major non-telecom company – in their words – to build a private intercontinental cable, connecting Chile and Los Angeles. Havftue will be a project alongside Facebook, Aqua Comms and Bulk Infrastructure to connect the US to Denmark and Ireland, while HK-G will be a collaboration with RTI-C and NEC, focusing on Hong Kong and Guam alongside other major hubs in Asia.