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Nigelthorn malware steals Facebook credentials, mines for cryptocurrency

May 11, 2018

Via: ZDNet

A new malware campaign has been uncovered on Facebook which not only steals account credentials but also installs scripts for covert cryptocurrency mining. Cybersecurity firm Radware said in a blog post on Thursday that Nigelthorn is a new campaign which […]

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What Are the Security Vulnerabilities of a Public Blockchain Network?

May 3, 2018

Via: VMBlog

Blockchain is widely recognized as the technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but it also has other potential uses in sectors such as health care, insurance and Internet of Things technology. Private companies can also set up private blockchains, […]

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A critical security flaw in popular industrial software put power plants at risk

May 2, 2018

Via: ZDNet

A severe vulnerability in a widely used industrial control software could have been used to disrupt and shut down power plants and other critical infrastructure. Researchers at security firm Tenable found the flaw in the popular Schneider Electric software, used […]

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Nutanix’s Amazon Cloud Killer Delayed by Engineering Issues

April 30, 2018

Via: SQL Server Pro

Nutanix Inc. planned to release a public cloud offering to rival market leader Amazon Web Services in the second half of 2018. But engineering challenges have put the launch timing in doubt. Chief Executive Officer Dheeraj Pandey has found that […]

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Oculus Faces ‘Existential Crisis’ In Handling Personal Data

April 19, 2018

Via: UploadVR

Facebook is overhauling the Oculus privacy policy and terms of service as the company prepares to launch its first standalone VR headset. The change comes amid new European privacy regulations and an international movement calling into question Facebook’s platform and […]

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How should businesses respond to the security challenges of multi-cloud?

April 6, 2018


More and more, hybrid multi-cloud is generally accepted to be the IT architecture of the future. Only multi-cloud offers the flexibility, the scalability and the security benefits that modern businesses demand. But a decision to embrace a multi-cloud-first strategy is […]

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New Cisco vulnerabilities: Patches for 20 exploits, including three labeled ‘critical’

April 4, 2018

Via: TechGenix

Cisco recently released numerous patches for over 20 vulnerabilities that were a part of its semiannual “Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software Security Advisory Bundled Publication” event. According to the press release, most of these vulnerabilities affect Cisco IOS Software […]

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Facebook Scandal Alarms China Eyeing Next Frontier in AI Battle

April 2, 2018

Via: SQL Server Pro

(Bloomberg) –The scandal over the alleged abuse of Facebook Inc.’s user data is unfolding a long way from China, and yet privacy regulators in Beijing have been watching intently. Their interest shows how all three big players in the technology […]

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Stingray spying: 5G will protect you against surveillance attacks, say standards-setters

March 23, 2018

Via: ZDNet

5G mobile connectivity is just around the corner. But while it promises improved support for the growing Internet of Things and help for mobile operators coping with increasing data demands, it also brings significant security risks. 5G networks will involve […]

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Eliminating storage failures in the cloud

February 28, 2018

Via: ZDNet

With the advent of disk mirroring over 35 years ago, data redundancy has been the basic strategy against data loss. That redundancy was extended in the replicated state machine (RSM) clusters popularized by cloud vendors in early aughts, and widely […]