5G Networking: What to Expect, and How to Get Ready

March 21, 2018

Every new generation of cellular technology, or “G” as each is known, has brought with it a level of excitement that is otherwise rare in high-tech today. And, considering all that 5G networking promises, it’s still easy to get excited, […]

The cloud develops alongside ingenuity: How cloud is essential to underpin new technologies

March 13, 2018

Category: Cloud Computing

The Internet needed a means to maximise its potential – and the solution would need to be highly adaptable and accepting of a wide variety of technology. Cloud computing has evolved with the information age. The evolution of applications for […]

VMware Helps Healthcare Organizations Transform the Cost, Quality and Delivery of Patient Care

March 5, 2018

Via: VMBlog
Category: Innovations, Trends

Today at HIMSS Conference & Exhibition 2018, VMware, Inc., a leading innovator in enterprise software, highlighted several healthcare customers who are partnering with the company to transform the business and the practice of delivering patient care. Additionally, VMware will be […]

Cloud Computing

The top five reasons for a multi-cloud infrastructure

March 19, 2018


Having been focused in the cloud sector for more than 12 years now, I have experienced much fast paced change and continued assumptions, misunderstanding and over-promising of cloud as the saviour of all ills. Cloud is used as a generic […]

Innovations, Trends

Network Effect: The drive for synchronicity shakes the foundations of the data warehouse

March 19, 2018

Via: ZDNet

The Oxford English Dictionary’s 2017 Hindi Word of the Year was “Aadhaar,” which in Sanskrit means foundation. News of the linguists’ pronouncement, covered in the Times of India, did not even have to mention why, other than to say it’s […]

Cloud Computing

Alibaba Cloud opens up first Indonesian data centre

March 16, 2018


Alibaba claimed at Mobile World Congress that it was the fastest growing cloud provider in the world – and another step has been taken with the official opening of its Indonesian data centre. The facility, in Jakarta, was first announced […]